by Aris Heru Utomo

Do you have intention to export your products to the European Unions (EU) but you don’t know the information related to import requirements, trade data, a market place as well as practical trade operations and trade promotion? Don’t worry. Just simply click EXPORT HELPDESK, an online service provided by the European Commission (EC), you can find all information you need to access market in the EU’s member countries. In this site the EC provides relevant information required by exporters from developing country which interested in supplying the EU market.

There are seven menus in this site, namely:
1. Requirements and taxes. Under this menu you can find information concerning EU and Member States’ import requirements and internal taxes.
2. Import tariffs, provides information to take full advantages of the EU’s preferential trade regimes.
3. Custom documents which related to documents to be produced in order to qualify for preferential duty treatment.
4. Rules of origin: This section provides information concerning preferential origin rules. It lays down the specific conditions that need to be met if goods are to qualify for advantageous tariff treatment; otherwise the full duties are applicable.
5. Trade statistic; contain trade data (exports and imports) for the EU and its individual Member States.
6. Market Place is a platform where exporters in developing countries can establish contacts with importers from the EU.
7. Links: this section provides information concerning EU and Member State authorities and international organisations involved in trade operations and trade promotion.

By providing all these menus as well as user guide, which can be downloaded in this site, the EC hopes that exporters from developing countries could develop their knowledge and have some background information on the procedures of exports to the EU’s market. But off course, it is not an easy matter for the beginners to fill all the complete form in this site. For example, the user should know firsts the codes of each product before fill up the form.

In order to enhance the capability of developing countries exporters, it is better if the EC could also conduct training for them and put this programmes under National Indicative Programme in the individual EU’s partner countries.


ndoro kakung said...

ck...ck...ck... iki blog opo seh? apik tenan, ris :D

Budi Setiawan said...

Tante istri gw dah lama banget bisnis di eropa. Lo mo tau apa bisnis ? Die bisnis bawang goreng yang pabriknya ada di Slawi. ama batik. Basis bisnisnya ada di Belanda. Perwakilan Indonesia di EU keknya musti bikin helpdesk juga tuh Ris..

Aris Heru Utomo said...

#ndoro kakung: matur nuwun ndoro, mudah2an gak ge er. ditunggu sarannya juga lho.

#Budi Setiawan: wah rupanya bawang goreng yang saya konsumsi selama ini mungkin dari tante istri ya. btw the ide to set up helpdesk in Indonesian Mission is a good. I will proposed it to the Ambassador.


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