EU Forum on Sustainable Nuclear Energy

In Brussels on Friday 21 September 2007, the European Commission offcially launched a techonological platform for sustainable nuclear energy. The main task of this structure, which will bring together the worlds of research and business, will be define and implement a strategic agenda for research and a deployment strategy in the field of nuclear power.

"For those countries that choose it, nuclear power will be a very important part of their solution to security of supply and reduction of greenhouse gases", said Science and Research Commissioner Janez Potocnik. "It is clear that we need to address two important concerns - ensuring that nuclear power is economically competitive and, more importanly, our duty to make it as neutral as possible in environmental terms", he added. World energy compsumption is set to double between 2000 and 2050, and nuclear energy will remain a key element in future low-carbon energy systems, the Commission belives. Europe has the two world's leading nuclear sector, with a third of its electric current being produced by nuclear power stations. This forum will provide recommendations and specialist advice to the European Commission and the national governments to help them to define and to concentrate efforts and budgets on the priorities identified by the EU27.

Source: Bulletin Quotidien Europe No. 9508, Tuesday 25 September 2007



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